Corporate Board Membership

Corporate Board Membership

The job of a board of directors is to steer a business in the right direction. It’s a big responsibility that requires all involved to put away their personal agendas and make sure their decisions are for the good of the company. Sometimes, it’s difficult to do and this is when a new board member can help the corporate board make the right choices.

Real estate consultant Suzy A. Reingold has been serving on corporate boards for the past 45 years. She understands that a company needs strong leadership which is ready to make tough decisions in order for the company to grow and anticipate any challenges it will face in the future. In addition to being a consultant, Ms. Reingold is an attorney with the legal knowledge your board needs to help the organization make tough legal decisions. Click here to see the various boards Ms. Reingold has been a part of in the past few years.

Why Your Board Needs Suzy A. Reingold

One of the problems many corporate boards face is the lack of a fresh voice. Some board members can spend all their lives serving a board. But this can hurt the company because some board members can be resistant to any changes. And sometimes you need someone with new ideas to point a business in a new direction, as well as point out any challenges your organization will be facing in the next few years. Click here to download her corporate board biography and here to download her professional profile.

How Our Real Estate Consultant Can Help Your Board

Ms. Reingold is interested in serving on corporate boards for small to medium public or private companies. The industries in which she is qualified include real estate and sales based organizations.

As a new member of your corporate board, Ms. Reingold can help your company in the following ways:

  • Provide leadership and consensus building combined with experience implementing change management
  • Assist in recruiting and retaining talent for the business
  • Help the business expand
  • Provide a depth of knowledge of the legal and real estate industries

Contact Your New Corporate Board Member Suzy A. Reingold Now

If you feel your corporate board needs a fresh perspective, it may be time to add a new member. For more than 45 years, real estate consultant Suzy A. Reingold has been leading corporate boards throughout the United States. Contact her today to learn more about her.

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