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It’s important to have the best employees working for your organization, a worker who you can depend on and help grow your business. But finding talent can be difficult and time-consuming. The best option is to hire a recruiter to find the perfect broker.

For more than 45 years, Ms. Reingold has found top quality candidates in all areas of the commercial real estate industry. She understands that an employee is the most important asset to a company and this is why she takes the time to find the right candidate for your organization.

The Search Process

As a recruiter, it’s important to have the knowledge and experience with the real estate industry. Through her varied career, Ms. Reingold has worked with some of the top commercial real estate companies in the world. She has expertise in business development, team building, and training, all traits that a real estate headhunter needs to find you the perfect broker.

After discussing your broker needs with you, she will begin researching potential candidates. This means researching a candidate’s work history, his/her accomplishments, and skills to make sure that candidate it the perfect fit for your organization. She will then conduct interviews with potential recruits.

Ms. Reingold may assist in the coordinating of interviews or conducting a follow-up and debriefing. She can identify any issues or concerns before a selection is made.

Ms. Reingold will assist the company through the offer and negotiation of a compensation package. She will also maintain communication with client and candidate to ensure a smooth transition.

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If you are looking for qualified brokers, but need help in finding the right candidate, then you will need the recruiting experience of Suzy A. Reingold. Contact her today to learn more about her services.

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