Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

Every business needs a helping hand from time to time. By hiring an experienced real estate consultant to point your organization in the right direction, you’ll see your business grow substantially. For more than 45 years, real estate consultant Suzy A. Reingold has assisted businesses and individuals alike with real estate issues. She has the experience and knowledge needed to guide your business in the right direction. In addition to being a consultant, Ms. Reingold is an attorney and can assist you with your legal matters.

Why Hire a Real Estate Consultant?

A real estate consultant can offer an impartial view on your business. Through extensive research and analysis, a consultant will give you a thorough breakdown on what your organization needs and offer options on how those needs can be addressed. In addition, a true real estate consultant will have experience with the real estate industry and knows how to turn extremely complex real estate problems into an opportunity for long-term growth.

How Suzy A. Reingold Can Help Your Business Succeed

Some ways real estate consulting can help with your business include:

  • Review and redraft brokerage agreements, agency agreements, management agreements and ancillary documents
  • Re-write brokerage company employee handbook
  • Re-write broker contract form for brokerage firm
  • Assist in brokerage contract negotiations on behalf of brokerage firm and on behalf of brokers, both as business consultant and as attorney
  • Provide career development advice and training to brokerage firms and to brokers
  • Develop broker training programs
  • Recruit brokers
  • Provide advice to brokerage firms as to customary practices employed in managing these firms and the broker professionals

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If you are in need of a real estate consultant who has the know-how and expertise to guide your business in the right direction, then you will need the experience of Suzy A. Reingold. Contact her today to learn more about her services.

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