Real Estate Expert Witness Services

Real Estate Expert Witness Services

When you’re involved in litigation, it’s important to have an expert witness available to help support your case. This means you should hire a real estate professional who has years of experience in the industry.

Real estate expert witness Suzy A. Reingold has more than four decades of experience testifying for both property owners and brokers in various matters of litigation. As an attorney, she understands the court of law and how the legal system works. Once you hire her as an expert witness, she will testify as to practice and custom in the real estate area relevant to your litigation.

Why Would You Need a Real Estate Expert Witness?

A real estate expert witness can help your case tremendously. Not only can an expert provide impartial and factual testimony, but can act as a consultant to lawyers during a real estate dispute. Some cases that could require the expertise of a real estate consultant include:

  • Landlord / tenant disputes
  • Owner / broker commission disputes
  • Real Estate joint venture dissolution disputes
  • Rent and related lease disputes
  • Adviser for broker arbitration

Experience Being an Expert Witness

Ms. Reingold has testified on behalf of property owners and brokerage firms. She has been brought on as a brokerage real estate expert in a lawsuit brought by a real estate broker claiming a commission from the owner. In another litigation, her role as a witness described the methods and practices of brokers in securing and maintaining their business, as well as the valuation in the market of the services provided.

Additionally, Ms. Reingold has been involved in the following:

  • engaged by a spouse claiming the value of a broker’s business as a marital asset
  • two different hirings for brokers involved in internal company commission split disputes
  • two different hirings by brokers litigating against prior firms
  • has successfully assisted ownership in rejecting a brokerage commission claim through clear deposition testimony

Additionally, on behalf of a former employer brokerage firm, Ms. Reingold successfully was deposed and also testified at trial as to both factual events in a litigation and as the company expert as to how a broker’s value is determined in a transaction. Ms. Reingold also successfully testified on the company’s behalf before a governmental body, again as the company’s expert as to brokerage employment customs.

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If you are in need of a real estate expert witness who has the know-how needed for your case, then you will need the experience of Suzy A. Reingold. Contact her today to learn more about her services.

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