Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

For more than 45 years, real estate consultant Suzy A. Reingold has been resolving disputes for real estate brokerage firms as well as property owners throughout the United States. With a legal background in finding creative solutions, Ms. Reingold has negotiated on behalf of property owners to reach a common ground and enter into leases. She also, on behalf of management, has resolved internal disputes within the brokerage firms. Not only does she have the experience but has been successful in resolving disputes big and small, regardless of the subject matter.

Methods of Resolving Disputes

Ms. Reingold has a vast amount of experience in resolving disputes through two methods: Mediation and arbitration.
Mediation — This is a process of facilitated conversations in which an impartial third party, called “the mediator,” helps the two disputing parties talk over their concerns and needs, brainstorm for solutions, and work toward a resolution that will work best for everyone concerned.
Arbitration — This type of resolution is a formal and legally binding process which uses third parties to help establish a resolution to a dispute. Instead of going to court over the disagreement, the two parties meet with either one person or a panel of arbitrators to argue their positions. The arbitrators will then come to a resolution and, just like a court judgment, the parties are bound by the arbitration decision.

Experienced in Dispute Resolution

Ms. Reingold has helped thousands of clients in the following ways:

  • Negotiated transactions, including arbitration provisions as both an attorney and as an owner’s representative.
  • Successfully testified on behalf of ownership during fair market value arbitration.
  • Managed internal arbitrations and has acted as a single-party arbitrator for many decisions for the past 20 years.
  • Successfully mediated disputes between brokers for the past two decades.
  • Resolved many conflicts among brokerage professionals regarding client relationships. She was also named as company “conflicts resolution officer” in engagements with clients.

As an independent consultant, Ms. Reingold is available to act as an impartial mediator or arbitrator to owners, tenants, brokers, or brokerage firms with respect to any internal or external disputes.

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If you are in need of a real estate consultant who has the know-how and successful track record of resolving disputes between property owners and their tenants, then you will need the experience of Suzy A. Reingold. Contact her today to learn more about her services.

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